A Rewind of Ruben's Big Moment 

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The heat is on for Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus
March 13, 2008 7:42 PM
Kuya's beautiful hosts are back with a plus!Toni, Bianca, Mariel and new PBB host Luis Manzano together with Direk Jilmer Dy give us a taste of what to expect on the much anticipated PBB Teen Edition Plus.

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No TV. No radio. No newspapers. No telephones. Totally no communication with the outside world. 14 new housemates are ready to face Big Brother's challenges. The first edition may have appeared to be easy, but Kuya's got something new up his sleeve. Take a peek at the house rules the 14 housemates will need to strictly follow in order not be booted out of Big Brother!'s house! Welcome and enjoy your stay…

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