A Rewind of Ruben's Big Moment 

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The Great Big Brother Swap
April 12, 2007 4:05 PM

HMSWAP-03.jpgFor four installments of Pinoy Big Brother, we’ve seen different people cross paths while they were inside the PBB house. But now Kuya has made perhaps the biggest announcement yet… one of our housemates will not only cross paths, but oceans as well!

This afternoon, director Lauren Dyogi announced the Big Brother Housemate Swap, something that has already been done in countries like Thailand and Switzerland, but is definitely a Philippine first. On April 19, one of the housemates will be selected by the Big Brother franchise from the European country of Slovenia, and try his or her luck with a Big Brother house full of foreigners for a full week! In turn, a special Slovenian housemate will be selected as well, and will temporarily bunk with our housemates. Furthermore, the housemates have absolutely no idea of what's going on... except for the chosen one!

Cultures will definitely clash for this special week in the Big Brother house! Who among the housemates will be shipped out, and how will he or she fare with a group of foreigners? And how will our housemates welcome the new 'visitor'? Be sure to tune in during April 21 to 27 for this special intercontinental housemate swap, kicking off with a big event soon to be announced!

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