A Rewind of Ruben's Big Moment 

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Things to come
April 16, 2007 5:10 PM

It could be Kian’s surprising eviction that created an aura of perplexity among the housemates, but little do they know that more surprises and secrets are on their way… or are already in progress.

Gee-Ann’s 5.4-pound weight gain for this week earns her another automatic nomination, and Big Brother voiced out that she may be leading him on; basically, he asked if she’s doing this with the intent of evicting herself. Gee-Ann’s answer was no, and it was genuine enough for Big Brother to give her a chance – her ‘child’ Pamela’s weight of 2.2 pounds will be subtracted from her weight for the week, thus sufficient from saving her from nominations. However, she has to give up Pamela to Big Brother. This concerned Gee-Ann so greatly that she had to ask the other housemates’ advice, particularly Bodie and Mickey’s. But Saicy was given a secret mission of her own; to keep tabs on what Gee-Ann eats for the week, to further confirm her weight gain.

Speaking of nominations, the housemates were puzzled as well when they noticed that there were none yesterday. They quickly concluded that nominations could be based on violations, much like last week. However, what they don’t know is that this is due to the much-anticipated Big Brother Swap, which will take place next week. So if they are puzzled about this, imagine their confusion when one of them suddenly disappears… or if a foreigner suddenly appears!

Finally, the housemates will be handed their ‘Hundred Treasures’ weekly task, much like the activity8-041607-1657-head2small2.jpg they did yesterday. Over the course of the week, the activity areas will be set up in a fantasy-adventure style where the housemates, complete with costumes, will embark on different ‘quests’ that will earn them gold coins. 100 coins is the goal, and if they collect 60 or above, this will be equivalent to the percentage added to their weekly allowance; however, amassing less than this amount will be the percentage subtracted from it.

A lot of events are already set in motion that’s sure to make this week a truly exciting one! So tune in for further developments, leading up to the exciting Big Brother Swap!

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