A Rewind of Ruben's Big Moment 

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Unfinished Business
May 06, 2007 12:01 AM

wendyevicted-5.jpgThe sands of time that measured Wendy’s stint in Big Brother’s esteemed House has finally ran out. But as she walked out the door of Kuya’s house, two new housemates make their surprise debut, more than filling in the shoes that Maricris left with her swift forced eviction. The maxim ‘with every ending, there comes a new beginning’ certainly holds true to the recent Fourth Eviction Night!

With one wrong move, the hot commercial babe falls prey to an unfortunate eviction that she brought upon herself. Just to refresh your memory, her accidental lapel violation made her an automatic nominee for this eviciton night. And with four, short days to be saved by her avid followers, nothing stopped the fates for her to bid goodbye…

When PBB Host Bianca Gonzales announced this to the housemates, it was the Hardcourt Hottie’s turn to cry river of tears. But this time, it is not a Swap but a longer period of time will separate their team-up. With the unresolved issue between them, Bruce can’t accept the fact thatwendyevicted-7.jpg he lost her this fast! But before Wendy made her way out he left her with this parting words, “If we are really meant for each other, then let it be.” Despite the rift between them yesterday, her last hours were spent in Bruce’s arms, their hearts silently reconciling the conflict which threatens to break them apart, even before they become an official couple.

Meanwhile, it seems that a lot of mothering will befall upon the housemates with two real mothers joining them tonight. Big Brother decided to introduce two new residents who’ll be breathing the highs and lows of the amazing PBB life. Former PBB housemate Bianca first introduced Geraldine, 32 years old and a single mother of two kids. Dubbed as the Palengke Queen, her experiences in life taught her to become a fighter. At a young age, she was forced to work in Japan to find means to support her family. When asked why she deserves to live in Kuya’s House she emotionally answered, “Nais kong ipamahagi wendyevicted-6.jpgang aking kaalaman sa kabila ng aking nakaraan.”

Similar to Gee, Makabagong Ina or Yen has two kids and she came from Quezon City too. In her mid thirties, she had a short stint as a fashion stylist and now she works as a head teacher in a school training Korean students for ESL (English as a Second Language) courses. Yen claims that she will definitely take care of the housemates during her stint in PBB.

However, one of them will be leaving within a week as the housemates make their choice on who will be staying with them for good.  A bit older than the others, will they easily warm up and take a comfortable place among the vivacious cluster of true blue PBB residents? And now that she’s out, will Wendy still feel the same for Bruce? Dont miss all these exciting events as well as the Fifth Nomination Night tomorrow on the Pinoy Big Brother Sunday Edition!

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